How Does It Work?

How It Works

The initial consult is a comprehensive virtual or in-person visit when we review your life history, primary health concerns, any previous lab results, and discuss our packages. The cost of the initial consult is $300, which will be applied toward your treatment plan should you choose to invest in your most precious asset, your health, during this visit.  You may also schedule a complementary 20 min discovery call to discuss our packages!

Once you are a committed client, we will arrange for a concierge blood draw to be done at the comfort of your home. Blood panel typically includes sex hormones, precursors, metabolic markers, liver/kidney function, vitamins, blood count, iron stores, full thyroid panel, homocysteine, etc.. The 4-point salivary cortisol test kit will be shipped to your house to evaluate the function of your adrenal glands throughout a typical day. We utilize only reputable, state-of-the-art laboratory services to ensure that the treatment is tailored to your specific health needs.

Depending on your chosen package, you will complete DUTCH Plus, GI MAP stool test, OAT (organic acid test), or OMX (organic acids and amino acids test) in addition to our comprehensive blood panel for a detailed analysis of your hormone metabolism, gut microbiome, and mitochondrial function. 

Once all of your labs are available for review, we will discuss your results during the follow-up. We will then create an individualized hormone optimization plan for you with a step-by-step guidance for the next 6 months.  The minimum commitment of 6 months includes monthly visits, necessary blood panel, 4-point cortisol test, 15% discount on supplements (depending on the package).

Prescription nutrients, vitamins, peptides, etc, can be added to your personalized plan at any time a la carte based on the individual health needs. Semaglutide, Tirzepatide, Lipo-C, glutathione are some of the available add-ons.

The advanced functional testing is also available at an additional cost if needed or requested by a client, such as food sensitivities, heavy metals, neurotransmitters, etc. 

We do NOT accept Medicare, Medicaid, or any commercial health insurance as hormone/health optimization is an elective treatment.

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Congratulations on investing in your most precious asset, your health!